Holla people!!

Remember me? How have y’all been? Hope your weekdays were in full swing. All along this week, I was grasping on various concepts and philosophies in hiphop. Ya know, just being a bgirl or bboy or emcee or a dj isn’t enough, hip hop has a positive outlook towards life. We need to be hip. More I dig into this grand treasure the more I am at peace with myself. It is a novel full of life spirituality. No one can get enough of it; we can only be a mere instrument by taking this ahead. So today i talk about the 4 principles of hip hop i.e. Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun.

That reminds me of a song every hiphoppa has heard atleast once – UNITY by Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown.

Peace! Unity! Love! And having fun!
Peace! Unity! Love! And having fun!
Love power! (Got to have it!)
Unity power! (What we need!)
Funk power! (Got to have it!)
Fun power! (What we want!)
Peace and unity! (Got to have it!)
No drugs! (What we want!)
No crime! (Don’t do no time!)
Give it to ’em!
Children power! (What we need!)
Knowledge wisdom (Got to have it!)
A whole lotta understanding [?]
Fun power! (Bring ’em back to the fold!)
Education (What we want!)
Love and peace (Give it to ’em, give it to ’em!)
Unity! (What we need!)
Funk power! (Love your brother!)

UNITY by Afrika Bambaata & James Brown (1989)

Time and again, these words like love, peace, unity and having fun keep falling on our ears. Hip Hop isn’t just a game of some topsy-turvy moves or wild words of wisdom. Bambaataa declares, “When we made hip hop, we made it hoping it would be about peace, love, unity and having fun so that people could get away from the negativity that was plaguing our streets (gang violence, drug abuse, self hate, violence among those of African and Latino descent). Even though this negativity still happens here and there, as the culture progresses, we play a big role in conflict resolution and enforcing positivity.”

Hip Hop is the vehicle to deliver innumerable life lessons and worldwide youth network is its driving force. Afrika Bambaataa doesn’t believe that hiphoppas should just have knowledge of Hip Hop. He thus promotes the principles of hip hop and proves that Hip Hop can be used as a vehicle for teaching awareness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, unity, love, respect, responsibility and recreation, overcoming challenges, economics, mathematics, science, life, truth, facts and faith. Like I mentioned before, no one can get enough of it.

Most vitally, in many hoods & boroughs it has crossed the boundaries and socio-racial barriers. For example, my country, the Land of Diversity India has been and seen people treating caste, religion, male dominance, colour, type of work, etc. as a status symbol. I don’t like her because she is black and she belongs from lower tribes and we on the other hand are rich, highly-qualified Brahmins – this is something I have heard from many around me. This world needs this art revolution to mould the younger generations. Like Zulu Nation believes that we’re under a real Luciferian spell, as human beings, we’ve got to get back to reality. And Hip Hop is the answer to it.

The elements incorporated in this culture leave a long-lasting engorging effects on young minds. A hiphoppas life is about authenticity, to express the reality of your situation. Hip Hop wants you to listen to your soul and be yourself. Be real. Being real means to live & serve honestly. Hip hop is truth. The truth of inner city life, crack addiction, prostitution, cocaine, gangsterism, racism and violence. The truth of our character which says never give up.

Courage is engraved into a hiphoppas life deeply. It does not let a man to be hopeless, because he only represents a character, a bundle of habits, and these can be checked by new and better ones. Character is repeated habits and repeated habits can alone reform a character powered by courage and love.

Love reminds me of bonds. Bonds between humans and nature that inculcate respect of each other’s existence. This bond can be described as Humanity too. In this vibrant culture, family or bonds extend beyond blood relations. These are bonds welcome peace & joy which further brings unification. These bonds together formulate a Crew. Rappers express Hip Hop culture through their music, consider themselves to be the voices of their hood.  When people become successful they are obligated to bring their crew through to share the cake of their success or anguish of their downfall, beef or even violence. Crew is the central who makes a person who he/she is. It grants you confidence, spirit of inquiry and art of expression (which can be seen in the form of hip hop elements).

In brief, hip hop drums in these timeless values called caring, responsibleness, non-violence, faith, courage, hard-work, patience, discipline, compassion, love, friendliness, generosity, sharing, integrity, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, moderation, service, commitment, peace, contentment, enthusiasm and many more. All these values are intertwined in each other leaded by the parent value – LOVE. They add in the holistic i.e. overall development of a human being.

“Hip Hop re-cultivates the inborn human values that makes humans human”.

Afrika Bambaataa says, “I’m not saying you have to run to any church, mosque, or temple, because your body is your first church, your first temple, and your first mosque. Because if you don’t take care of that, all that other stuff is irrelevant. And if you don’t respect Mother Earth, then we are becoming a cancer to the planet, and she’ll be spitting our asses out.”

Thus, living well eliminates the fear and embraces life. So live it. Be real. Thank you Hip Hop.

Peace. Spread the love. Full power!!

P.S. I consider myself lucky to be introduced in this beautiful culture by many people. Hip Hop gets the best outta me. Thank you to all the legends.  Thank you to all my homies for making me what I am. Much love to all of you. Peace.