Hey hip hop people! This isn’t like the blogs I write. Not at all a long one; but an absolute important occurrence in the history of hip hop. November was declared as the Hip Hop History Month in 2014 at Washington, USA. With it’s great contribution in the social, mental, physical and spiritual development of youth, the culture was recognised as the game changer, even by the Government. And here goes the declaration –

Proclamation of Hip Hop History Month (HHHM)

I mean WOW! Certainly a worthy way to honour the history and the pioneers. But don’t be misunderstood, because the Universal Zulu Nation had already called on the world to recognize November as the Hip Hop History Month (HHHM) years ago. You ask why? Check this out.

Importance of November 12 in hip hop
Google celebrates Hip Hop’s birthday

This is super big! I know from way long we have all known August 11, 1973 as Hip Hop’s birthday when the father DJ Kool Herc had thrown “Back to School Jam” at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. Even Google gave some real classy props to the culture. But I assume that it was on November 12, 1974 that Bam, Herc and Flash named the culture Hip Hop (to know more of how hip hop was named here). And so it is observed as the official birthday of Hip Hop. Hope I hit the right fact! (;p)

November is definitely suited to be called the HHHM as it is the anniversary month for the most renowned hip hop crew Universal Zulu Nation as well . In a city like NY, November is the time when the indoor jams kick off as the winter hits. Jams are then conducted in community centers, gymnasiums, schools etc. All summer when jams were enjoyed outdoors, November is the month when they enter a new season and new surrounding for the artists. So these people who support in preserving this culture must be thanked as well.

In our country India, the months of October-November kicks off the season of outdoor jams after monsoons. Anyhow you see, November is the HHHM. Thus, Afrika Bambaataa as well as The Zulu Nation has been encouraging us for all 35+ years to do our research well and educate ourselves and our society through this street culture. ASK, LEARN & SPREAD the knowledge.

A reformation happens with knowledge. Decipher the streets and let us be grateful to all our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters for all that they gave us. And yea, be generous for this knowledge only spreads out with a grateful heart and a generous mind. So let us keep digging and celebrating November each year.

And the last reason for November to be super special FOR ME is that I am a November baby as well. And such blessed coincidence, that I was born on November 12, 1994. I feel auspicious. Haha!

Anyways, until next time. Hope you are having a great November. Peace:)