About Us

The motto for our blog is to let the grandly popularized culture – Hip Hop easily reach to all the people. This culture isn’t just about dance or art or some religion; its about human race. Every step towards it, transforms an individual into a better being. Hip hop holds the secret philosophy of human life. All those brothers and mothers and sisters and fathers who have worked and are still working for it deserve our gratitude and respect. But beyond that, they want us all to reach out and expand this tree furthermore to believe in this African saying, “Each One, Teach One”.

And that’s exactly why we came up with DecipherTheStreets. Another reason for drafting the history is every artist learns and unlearns from the past. Known your roots let’s you explore your own depths and trace your journey in the art you choose.

Here we will be deciphering the secrets of different elements, aspects, cultures and philosophies of the street culture and hip hop is just a part of it. There’s more to it. So stay hungry and #DecipherIt to your hearts content.

Meet our Author

Bgirl ShortyRock
(Outlaws Crew)

Shorty Rock representing Outlaws crew from Pune, India is a breaker as well as thee writer of our blog. “Bharat Natyam to Breaking” would be the right tag to brief her journey until now. And so is known as B-Girl Shorty Rock. She is a keen knowledge explorer and loves exchanging ideas and philosophies. Her love for dance introduced her to hip hop eventually making her fall in awe and passion for this colourful culture. This inspired her to dig up and write about it’s roots.

Coincidently, she shares the same birthday as Hip Hop and Universal Zulu Nation i.e. November 12. Blessed and hip!


Peace 🙂

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