DecipherTheStreets initiatied on 9th June, 2018 with the motto of letting the Hip Hop Kulture reach to the ones who want to #DecipherIt. The culture contains secret philosophy of human life. All those brothers and mothers and sisters and fathers who have worked and are still working for it deserve our gratitude and respect.

Though we had started with a blur idea for deciphering; today we are more refined conscious about our motto. We believe in building our inner Self stronger to be balanced with the outer workings. Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth show us the way to Peace. We have faith that Education is the first step to Knowledge and only then can we perceive Hip Hop beyond materialism. It says self-empowerment, understanding & respecting the living and the Nature in bold letters. It talks about acceptance, commitment, awareness, patience & faith.

We are absolute that there is more to it. So we are going to keep deciphering and y’all can join us in the digging anytime and any place you want. Just hit the link Peace ✌️

Meet our Author

Bgirl ShortyRock

Shorty Rock (The Outlaws Crew, Pune, India)  Formerly trained in a classical dance style and now practicing Breakin’ – “Bharat Natyam to Breakin” would be the right title her journey. She practices and teaches Yoga as well. Being a Yogini, helps her understand Hip Hop more consciously as both the cultures – from gross to the Subtle. Love for dancing introduced her to her crew,  Breaking and gradually the Kulture. Grateful for everything, she intends to keep deciphering till the end, being Hip!

P.S. Coincidentally, she shares the same birthday as Hip Hop and Universal Zulu Nation i.e. November 12. Blessed and hip!


Peace 🙂